october 27, 2011

October 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Whooooa. How is it already the 27th of October? I am bad at this blogging thing but extremely good at replying to emails, as I’ve spent the last four hours bailing water from my flooded inbox. What’s been going on? Well, I:

  • Went to Chicago and came back. Accomplished zero writing but did whip up an enormous amount of food, from recipes that may or may not have called for pounds of bacon, cups of cheese, and butter by the half stick. I regret nothing.
  • Stayed up until five a.m. transfixed by Christopher Hitchens’ Hitch-22, which is a great read (see preceding post), and gearing up to be my favorite non-fiction discovery since Tracy Kidder’s Mountains Beyond Mountains. It’s full of evil regimes, intrepid journalists, salacious literary scenes, raging commies and gay camp. Seriously.
  • Saw my first hockey game with Em and Susan and Bobby. Was happy that S. could make it out, but emotional distances are harder to bridge, even if one hugs hard and hopes that performing the iron armband maneuver is adequate to convey genuine affection.
  • Watched Manchester United lose by an astounding 6-1 margin to Manchester City, a defeat in which the wondrous David Silva figured prominently. Then had to talk shit about how Silva had aged and turned haggard and grown bags under his eyes in order to placate B., who was getting grumpy about the gusty sighs I was emitting over the beauty of Silva’s passing.
  • Attended another show at Second City. TOO MANY CHING-CHONG JOKES.

This pretty much tore my heart out and ate it raw.


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