September 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Over oysters and prime rib, I asked them about gay rights, the abortion debate, and progressivism. So much of the rationale for adhering to certain attitudes seems to come down to two things.

A. “When I use the word gay in a derogatory manner, I don’t really think about or mean gay as in gay people, I think about and mean gay purely in the sense of gay being a bad thing! The way I use it, the word has nothing to do with the lifestyle choice at all!”
B. The younger generation with its progressive values will supersede the older as the latter begins to die off, leaving us to garden organically, start nudist colonies, and abort fetuses at will in our godless liberal utopia.

The first doesn’t even dignify a response, it’s so pigheadedly ignorant, depending on a separation between two definitions of one word that just doesn’t partition as neatly in life, and especially not for the young and impressionable, who are more likely and more readily able to conflate the two meanings. And the second, well. It looks sound and it sounds sound, but my problem with it, on further reflection, is that that kind of reasoning shifts the burden of action off the younger generation’s shoulders. It absolves us by making progressivism sound like a natural occurence, inevitable as death, when actually, society evolving towards a state of greater tolerance is an end product of many people in many different circumstances proactively taking steps to make things better — regardless of how “awkward” it is to call one’s friends out on their homophobic jokes, or how much of a “downer” it is to raise questions about how words like “pussy”, “whore”, and “bitch” are used to deride people for acting contrary to societal norms.

I said this once, and I will continue to say this. What is the most horrible thing you can call a girl? A “cunt”. What is the most horrible thing you can call a guy? A “pussy”. So in order to insult a woman, you call her a woman, and in order to insult a man, you call her a woman.

Now you look me in the eye and tell me that there is not something deeply, irredeemably fucked up about a society that encourages that.


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