sights seen at burning man

August 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

  • giant space dandelions
  • a drug confiscation unit
  • a gallon sized jar of mayo, white with dust, chained to a stake, sat in front of a sign that reads “$5 MAYO!”
  • a ten story ladder leading to nowhere
  • a steampunk snowman
  • big rig jig
  • playa roaches

Sorry haven’t been posting well. Apps continue to stunt my productivity. And I’m falling into the rut that I’ve chided myself, a hundred times over, to avoid. I keep consuming articles, blog posts, books, which isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, sure, but these last few days I’ve also felt too lazy to talk to myself about them, to talk myself into a deeper understanding of them. A regrettable state of affairs.

So. Still to post about: this weekend — the all-smiles cute boy with the smooth moves, drunkenly earnest conversations out on the lightless patio, stunning beer pong upsets, and more; Leguin’s Steering the Craft; Chinatown poverty; Alice Sola Kim?; and why I find myself drawn to names like Dominic and Quinn and Isa and Eli (because, apparently, they can be caused to grow, with minimal effort, the show-stopping, plot-rocking personages that they most sound like, like the arm of a starfish that is cut off and then coaxed into regenerating a duplicate of the body, from the central nervous system on up, to which it had only until recently been attached. to my ear, certain names come prepackaged with character traits. a specificity I find pleasing and that helps to halve the amount of work I have to put into piecing together OCs from scratch).

I’m think of dredging the bay at NYT’s obituaries section for items of interest. Jungle adventures, aviation, the first man to import luxury Cuban cigars. A worthwhile exercise?


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