personal statements

August 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

D: hit 3K yesterday but none of it for personal statement stuff, so i’m feeling massive guilt
D: if i hired you to write this for me would you do it? XD
N: …only to infuriate you enough to become a lawyer to sue me
D: natalie, natalie, natalie, of course that would never be the case
N: My name is Danica Verchowski and I will be a fucking fantastic lawyer, because I am smart, cute, and bred to excel.
N: My ancestors were peasants in rice paddies and I love underdogs.
N: Fuck, I am an underdog.
N: And I speak Chinese, which is the way of the future.
N: Bitches!
chat truncated due to inability of correspondent to continue typing as she is laughing too hard

D: if only i were judged by my ability to write hilarious lesbian shenanigans i would get into law school for sure
sent at 3:14 PM


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