random acts of kindness

August 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

A woman carries three dollars in her bag at all times. She gives it to the first person who stops her outside of a supermarket or along the street to ask if she can “spare some change”. When this happens, she smiles and replies that she would love to, that it would be her pleasure. In her mind, the three dollars are the possession of the next person who asks for it. Once that money has been given over, she refills the fund. Recently she has also taken to carrying items that she thinks the homeless might need. So she always has a supply of hats, socks, gloves, and umbrellas, as well as aspirin, band-aids, toothpaste and combs. These she puts in plastic pouches, or in nonbreakable containers. Giving replenishes her.

An elderly woman with no surviving family decides to take her own life one morning. But at the park where she goes for her daily walk a stranger stops to sit on the bench and feed the pigeons with her. This gives the elderly woman pause. Into the pause comes, nudging, nosing, the will to continue.

A student sings happy birthday to a homeless man.

A mother is taking her child through the supermarket. The child is grabbing boxes and cans from every aisle, pushing the cart with her body, yanking at her mother’s shirt-tail, complaining. The mother gets more and more angry. At the moment she raises her arm and elbow, a white-haired woman walks up to them and takes the child by the hand. “What a lovely child,” she says. The little girl stills immediately and stops talking. The white-haired woman looks at the mother and says, “They are so wonderful at this age.” All of them stand, listening to the quiet.


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